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Dog Vocabulary

A) Abandoned, Ability, Activity, Adoption, Affect, Affection, Affectionate, Aggressive, Agility, AKC (American Kennel Club), Allergy, Alpha, Approach, Assistance, Attack, Average, Awareness

B) Balance, Bay, Behavior, Biscuit, Blissful, Bluff, Bone, Brand, Breed, Breeder

C) Calm claw, Canine, Care, Castration, Caution, Cautious, Characteristics, Checkup, Chewing, Chow, Claws, Clipping, Coat, Coloring, Command, Communication, Companionship, Compassion, Competition, Confinement, Connection, Consume, Continuing care, Control, Cropping, Crossbred, Croup, Cruelty

Curabitur varius eros et lacus rutrum consequat. Mauris sollicitudin enim condimentum, luctus justo non, molestie nisl.

D) Dam, Dangerous, Defense, Dependable, Destructive, Detection, Devotion, Dewclaw, Diet, Disciplined, Disease, Distemper, Docile, Dock, Dog lover, Dominant, Down

E) Effective, Endurance, Energetic, Entertainment, Environment, Euthanasia, Exasperating, Exercise, Expense, Experience, Exuberance

F) Fang, Feature, Fetch, Fidelity, Fido, Finicky, Fitness, Fleas, Food, Foreleg, Formula, Four-legged friend, Friendly, Fur

G) Games, Gentle, Gnaw, Greeting, Grooming, Grow, Guard, Guardian, Guide dog

H) Handling, Harness, Haul, Heal, Healthy, Heart, Heart worm, Heel, Herd, Hide, Hind quarters, Hock, Homeless, Hound, Housebreaking, Howl, Humane, Hurt

I) Incentive, Infection, Inflammation, Inherited, Inhumane, Injury, Insecure, Instinct, Intelligence, Intrude, Intuition, Irrepressible, Irritation

J) Jerk, Jog, Joint, Judge

K) Kennel, Kindness

L) Learning, Leash, Leftovers, Licensing, Life-span, Litter, Love, Loving, Loyalty, Lunge

M) Malady, Marking, Mate, Maturity, Mayhem, Menace, Mimicking, Miniature, Misbehavior, Mistreat, Mixed breed, Mongrel, Muscular, Mutt, Muzzle

N) Nature, Neuter, Normal, Nutrient, Nutrition

O) Obedient, Odor, Outdoors, Outrageous, Overdo

P) Pack animal, Pad, Panting, Parasite, Pastern, Patient, Paw, Pawing, Pedigree, People-person, Personality, Pet, Pet-friendly, Placid, Playful, Plunder, Pooch, Popularity, Pounds, Practice, Praise, Prevention, Proportion, Puppy, Puppy-hood, Purebred

Q) Quick, Quiet

R) Rabid, Rabies, Range, Rawhide, Registration, Regulation, Relationship, Relief, Rescue, Respect, Response, Responsibility, Retrieve, Reward, Roaming, Rock-solid, Rump

S) Safety, Scent, Sedate, Senses, Sensitivity, Service, Shelter, Shiny, Shots, Signal, Sire, Sit, Size, Snarl, Socialize, Spay, SPCA, Special, Specialty, Split-personality, Sporting dog, Standard, Stare, Starvation, Stay, Stereotype, Stray, Stroking, Structure, Submissive, Sweet, Sweet-nature, Swift

T) Temperament, Tendency, Terrier, Territorial, Threaten, Tick, Toleration, Toys, Training, Treatment, Treats, Trouble, Type

U) Unconditional, Undercoat, Understanding, Unique, Unsanitary, Unusual, Unwanted

V) Vaccination, Variety, Veterinarian, Vicious, Vigor, Voice

W) Wag, Walking, Wary, Washing, Water, Weight, Welcome, Welfare, Whelp, Whining, Whiskers, Wise, Working dog, Worthy


Y) Yank, Yard, Yelp

Z) Zeal


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